Lost Lands Redux (Minecraft Server) Wiki

Amethyst Tools

Amethyst Tools are one of the 3 sets of tools derived from the Custom Ores. Each set of tools has a unique feature to enhance its use.


Amethyst Tools come with the unique feature of being able to hold custom enchants. These items can only be repaired by Mending, or using them in a grindstone, resetting their enchants. Enchanted Books have no effect on them.

When grindstoned and enchanted again, it will randomize the Prefix, the Suffix, and the level of the item if it has a space for levels.

Amethyst Sword and Axe

The level of the item seems to correlate to its Physical Damage and Durability stat, generally getting lower when the level is lower, and higher when the level is higher. Its level ranges from around 1-50.

Amethyst Sword

It can hold enchantments like Sharpness, Smite, and Bane of Arthropods together, but is unable to get the Looting, Fire Aspect, and Sweeping Edge enchantments, which is replaced by the Loot Rate, Chance to Burn, and AoE Damage features respectively.

Amethyst Axe

The Amethyst Axe cannot get the enchantments Efficiency and Silk Touch. It is also two-handed.

The Amethyst Sword and Axe can both hold the following custom enchantments:

AoE Damage
Armor Penetration
Attack Speed
Block DMG
Block Rate
Crit DMG
Crit Strike
Direct Damage
Dodge Rate
Extra Loot
Max Health

Amethyst Pickaxe and Shovel

The Shovel can hold all of the below enchantments besides Gem Finder and Blocks Exploded

The Amethyst Pickaxe can hold the following custom enchantments:

Block Magnet: Larger pickup range for items

Vein Miner: Ores are mined by the vein instead of just one block at a time.

Blocks Exploded: Mining will cause blocks to explode like the Explosive Shovel/Explosive Pickaxe

Gem Finder: Increases the chance to find Custom Ores

Auto Smelter: Iron and Gold automatically turn into ingots when mined.

How to Obtain

They can be traded for by the Blacksmith by using Amethysts