Corrupt Mage

Corrupt Mages Are Powerful Mage That Spawn In The Entrace Of Steamboat Dungeon, It's Also Helped By

Spitting Sharks , Which Make It Harder To Kill


HP : 450

Damage : ?

Armor Points : ?

Speed : 0


Magic Curse

The Same As Cursed Skull , It Restricts Target From Using Magic Items For 10 Seconds

Other Skills Information Needed


Common Drops

  • Block Of Iron
  • Block Of Gold
  • Diamond

Uncommon Drops

  • Steamboat Key (Required To Enter The Main Dungeon)

Super Rare Drops

  • Magic Chest


If You Don't Want To Risk Fighting The Corrupt Mage Using Melee Weapon , Then Its Suggested To Get A Bow

Enchanted With Power , And Shoot The Boss From The Other Part Of The Sewer Using The Bow,

Warning!!! If The Corrupt Mage Drops The Key Make Sure To Get It As Fast As Possible , Because The Spitting Shark Could Steal The Key

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