Lost Lands Redux (Minecraft Server) Wiki

About The Dungeon


This dungeon is difficult, we recommend "God Gear" That is fully enchanted diamond armor with protection, or magic armor from magic chests.


A 15-45 minute dungeon with:

Custom Mobs - Dwarven Zombies, 3 kinds of Ancient Mechas, and A Powerful Evil Boss all with their own special powers and abilities.

Quest Objectives - Look for certain item drops in order to progress


Puzzles! - Parkour and other fun mind teasers

Optional Paths- Look For Hidden Areas with mobs that drop rare items!

Special Loot! - The boss and other special mobs in the dungeon will drop magic items for your collection!


Enter this dungeon by talking to Ghimlo in his windmill and giving him the item "Ghimlo's Pick" Which can be gotten from the market or the necromancers Lair!

Located at X = 1540 Y = -1331


After being teleported inside you will have to head straight downwards past the Dwarven Zombies. Once you reach the smithing room you will have to go left and follow the way until you reach the end which is a room filled with blast furnaces. In this room Silverfish called "Zaprat" will spawn in packs of three. They mainly drop iron ingots but have a chance to drop Spakrplugs. Once you get one go back to the smithing room and go down the cave. You will arrive in front of an iron gate and a message will appear in chat: "Theres a malfunctioning sparkplug for the gate control panel... maybe a Zaprat has a spare...". If you have a Sparkplug in your inventory it will be consumed and another message will be shown in chat: "The Sparkplug works like a charm!". You will be teleported into a room called "Great Mirror Hall". You cannot go through all of the gaps between the pillars so you will have to find the right way. When reaching the end you will enter another cave. Following the cave will lead you to an option of going left into a big hall or right into the "Flame Bat Cave". Going into the Flaming Bat Cave does not lead you to the boss but you can get leather, blaze rods, phantom membranes, Flame Stones and Golem Cubes. However when going left you will enter a tall room with a ruined staircase and a plateau at the top. At the top you will find the boss of the Dungeon. The boss is a wither skeleton which is wearing a gold helmet and holding a diamond pickaxe. It's name is "Depths Curse", it has 500 hp and it is using three ways to try to kill you. The first form of attack is it pushing you in the hope of you falling off the plateau and dying of fall damage. The second attack is shooting a cursed skull at you. When hit by it you will become cursed and won't be able to use magic in any way for ten seconds. The third attack is throwing charged TNT at you. After defeating the boss you will receive different items including the Curses Remnant which is a dungeon item you will need for the Desert Ruins Dungeon.