Experience Book

Experience Books Is A Book That Contain Experience ,

Experience Types

  • + 100 XP
  • + 500 XP


Experience Book Is A Single Use Magic Item , Upon Usage It Will Grant The Player Instant Experience Points Amount From The Book , Experiece Book Will Not Repair Mending How Ever


There Are A Few Methods Of Obtaining Experience Books


The Raider Mobs Can Drop + 500 XP Book

Dwarven Dungeon

Player Could Be Rewarded With + 100 XP Book Or + 500 XP Book Upon Completion

Haunted Manor

Upon Completion Player Will Get 500 Experience And Can Also Get Either + 100 XP Book And + 500 XP Book

Overworld Blaze

Overworld Blaze Spawn In The Corrupt Place Near Blaze Town , Upon Killing There Is A Chance Of Obtaining + 100 XP Book


Players Could Sell Experience Books Using Auction House Or Player Shops

Some Other Mobs/Dungeons (Information Needed)


  • One + 500 XP Book Will Give The Player 19 Levels From Level 0
  • One + 100 XP Book Will Give The Player 7 Levels From Level 0 , Which Is The Same Amount
    As Experience Recovered If Player Die With High Amounts Of Experience Levels
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