Lost Lands Redux (Minecraft Server) Wiki

Gem Bow

Shoot foes with glittery style!


The Gem Bow can be used like a normal bow and always comes with the same enchants and are all unbreakable. There are slight variations to the base physical damage in each gem bow. When wielding it, it will automatically put any item in your off-hand into your inventory after a short amount of time. It will always come with 3 Gem Sockets to put Gems in, which give varying effects.

Each Gem Bow has a random string of words to go in front of and behind its name, as well as a level from 1-100. These are purely cosmetic and do not effect stats.

How to Obtain

The Gem Bow is found in the Tech Chest.

Gembow pulling 0.png
Gembow pulling 1.png
Gembow pulling 2.png