The Haunted Manor dungeon was added in the Halloween update of 2019. It contains the most individual boss fights in any dungeon since and a special secondary final boss that you have to get lucky and find entry keys to fight.




Normal Spawns in the darkly lit Building

Spectres - Like Vexes they can sometimes fly and phase through walls, but are much stronger.

Attic Keepers - Youll have to defeat 3 of these Ghast creatures in the attic of the manor to finish the dungeon.


Ghost Chef - Throws Exploding Cake! Can also drop that as a magic item!

Spider Queen - A dangerous queen that hatches exploding spider children.

Headless Horseman - A difficult final boss riding a skeleton horse

The Reaper - The secret ending Raid boss, youll need to collect "Deaths Diamonds" and probably bring a whole team to fight him.

Drops / Treasures

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