Event 19.07.2020


The first ever live weekly event was held on the 19th of July. For the event, some rounds of spleef were played. There were multiple rounds of free for all, most kills wins and two tournament styled rounds. Sadly there weren't enough people to have a proper tournament. By playing you were able to get rewards such as Special Chests, Rubies, Amethysts and even Saphires!

Event 25.07.2020

Live Weekly Events.png

The second live weekly event was held on the 25th of July. Like the last event, rounds of spleef were played in almost the same style and with similar rewards. This event was there to have more time to prepare a big event which will hopefully be done for the third event.

Event 02.08.2020

The third live weekly event was held on the 2nd of August. This time there was a speed building competition with multiple rounds of building but also copying builds. The different rounds were (in order):

Live Weekly Events-0.png

  • Nether (20 mins) | Prize: Tophat and Monocle | Winner: GucciJoint
  • Temple (10 mins) | Prize: Enchanted Chest | Winner: Infusional
  • Tree (5 mins) | Prize: 5 Rubies | Winner: AlexTheBrave
  • Replica: Chicken | Prize: Magic Chest | Winner: AlexTheBrave
  • Replica: Statue | Prize: Docs Purifier | Winner: AlexTheBrave
  • Waterfall (5 mins) | Prize: Costume Chest | Winner: GucciJoint
  • Collab: Castle (20 mins)

For each round materials were provided but you were also allowed to bring your own. The Collab round was a round where all the players came together to build a huge castle.

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