Lost Lands Redux (Minecraft Server) Wiki

How to get Magic Items

You can get Magic items in many different ways!

  • Minibosses
  • The Mob Arena

Incomplete List of all Magic Items

Ascetics Axe
Altered Weapon
Amethyst Tools
Angel Wings
Beam Blade
Bee Barrager
Black Hole Bow
Blink Blade
Blizzard in a Bottle
Blade Blaster
Blood Thirster
Block Boi
Bolt of Zeus
Brobot Gold
Burden of 24DNPH
Comet Bow
Cook Book
Crop Collector
Cake Cannon
Calorie Burner
Cosmic Caller
Cursed Skull
Docs Purifier
Elfs Hat
Ethereal Blade
Endless Pearl
Explosive Pick
Explosive Shovel
Fireman's Helmet
Firework Flare
Firework Fury
Flashbang Flower
Floating Nimbus
Gem Bow
Ghost Armor of Vanishing
Golden Bread
Golem Cube
Grappling Hook
Gravity Destabilizer
Gucci's Golden Gash
Gucci's Golden Gatling Gun
Gust N' Gone
Healers Halo
Horseman's Head
Holiday Hat
Hologram Watch
Hot Cocoa
Jays Jade
Leylins Swimming Trunks
Life Stone
LLR Trophy
Lords Lance
Lucky Die of Attack
Lucky Die of Defense
Magic Boat
Magic Sleigh
Magic Mob/Crop Hopper
Marchesas Herb Bag
Marsh's Mallet
Mushroom Cap
OP Crown
OP Slippers
Orbit Olly
Parker's Pick
Phantom Phaser
Pickle Power
Piercing Spear
Planters Bag
Poison Web
Potato Cannon
Present Launcher
Professional (Sword/Pick/Axe/Hoe/Shears/Bow/Crossbow/Shield)
Pumpkin Boots
Pumpkin Helm
Pumpkin Launcher
Raiders Dagger
Reapers Scythe
Rocket Man
Ruby Tools
Saphire Tools
Saul's Sunder
Santa's Coal
Seeker Shots
Shooting Star
Sky Stunner
Snow Barrage
Snow Shoes
Snow Globe
Spring Speed Sneakers
Static Shock
Super Wheat
Sword of the Forgotten
The Cannon
Top Hat
Torch Temp
Torch Toss
Tractor Beam
Trapped Chimney
Twisted Thorns Wand
Tracking Tree
Ultra Wheat
Unbreaking (Sword/Pick/Axe/Shield/Shovel/Hoe)
Wizard Hat
Yeet Wheat

Magic Item Relics

Magic Item Relics are no longer functional magic items, typically these items have code that has been removed and are no longer intended to function other than as a regular tool or purely for aesthetic.

Original Ascetics Axe

Master Builders Hammer

Build Book

Magic Hopper

Scoobert's String

The Cannon