Lost Lands Redux (Minecraft Server) Wiki

A 10-15 minute dungeon with:

Custom Mobs - Raiders with poison daggers, an ancient sorcerer, and a tanky and tough raider leader that can drop some seriously good loot!


Quest Objectives - Look for certain item drops in order to progress

Optional Paths- Look For Hidden Areas with mobs that are useful or skip areas with movement items.

Located At: X= -15 Z = -2167

Suggested Gear: Diamond Armor / Weapons, Enchanted if you want to be save!

Mobs And Loot



Raider Archers

Raider Sorcerer

Raider Leader Leodin

Other Info

There's a cow spawner and regen potion shop inside of the dungeon. though after custom spawners were disabled, the cow spawner doesn't work anymore.


There are three floors, the first consists of Raiders, the second Raider Archers, the third a Sorcerer and the Boss Room. You can progress up floors by climbing the stairs in one of the corner towers of the fort. Once you get to the third floor, you can confront the Sorcerer to get the dungeon's boss key and enter the Boss Room. There you will fight Raider Leader Leodin and two of his minions, who are Raiders. The Boss can drop a Lords Lance, a useful tool for mob grinding.

To exit the dungeon, you must either die or obtain the Stolen Crown. If you enter the dungeon with the Stolen Crown you will be transported out.