Raiders Sorcerer

Raiders Sorcerer is the keeper of the Raider Leaders Room Key. To obtain it you must kill it.


HP: ?

Magic Bolt Damage: 2 - 3

Knockback Resistance: 100%

Healing: Yes

Mob Type: Witch



The Push Spell Will Push Players Away At Any Direction


The Player Will Get Inflicted With Slowness, Weakness And Hunger For A Few Moments


Common Drops

  • Raiders Key (Needed To Enter The Boss Room)
  • Diamond

Uncommon Drops

  • Scoll Of Day
  • Scroll Of Night

Other Drops

  • Potion Of Healing (Can Be Obtained By The Use Of Strategic Staff)


Avoid Getting Hit With The Sorcerers Push Spell As It Could Make You Fall To The First Floor

And Also Fall Damage


  • Both The Push And Curse Spells Is The Same As Cultist
  • The Sorcerer does not move at all and also isn't moveable in any way.
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