Lost Lands Redux (Minecraft Server) Wiki


Scrolls Can be purchased by the Scroll vendor in the Forbidden Forest, Who can be reached by typing /warp scrollshop if you are Rank Explorer or above

Scrolls can be obtained from killing certain enemies in Dungeons, completing quests, purchasing and looting the wild. They are one time use items and will be comsumed when used.

While the Scroll Vendor sells many types of Scrolls, you are also able to purchase some scrolls for a cheaper price than the Scroll Vendor's prices at /warp Scoobs

Scroll Vendor

Found in the Forbidden forest, the scroll vendor can sell you scrolls of different types for different prices, usually at the rate of 1 scroll per hour.

He also sells the "Teleportation Cube" for $800k, a magic item that teleports you somewhere random on the map.


Scroll Types

  • Scroll of Teleportation - $2500
  • Summon Steed Scroll - $6000
  • Greator Scroll of Teleportation - $7500
  • Scroll of Day - $10000
  • Scroll of Night - $20000
  • Scroll of Nuke - $25000

Scroll Effects

Scroll of Teleportation

Upon use, the Scroll of Teleportation will teleport you almost anywhere on the surface in a radius of 5000 blocks away from 0,0

They can also be bought from the Help Desk at Spawn for 200 money, however only one at a time before it will be on cooldown.

Greater Scroll of Teleportation

Just like the Scroll of Teleportation, you will be randomly teleport somewhere onto the surface in a 20000 block radius away from 0,0.

Summon Steed Scroll

The Summon Steed Scroll will instantly spawn a white horse named "Faithful Steed" which is quite fast and useful for traveling. The horse will last for 5 minutes before disappearing, however the scroll only has a 30 second cooldown.

Scroll of Day

When used, a white beam of particles will shoot into the air and result in the weather being cleared and the time being set to daytime.

Scroll of Night

Just like the Scroll of Day, a beam of particles will shoot up into the air with the only difference being the Scroll of Night's particles are black. The Scroll of Night will, as the name says, change it to night time but, unlike the Scroll of Day, it will not alter affect the weather in any way.