Lost Lands Redux (Minecraft Server) Wiki


Scrolls Can be purchased by the Scroll vendor in the Forbidden Forest, Who can be reached by typing /warp scrollshop if you are Rank Explorer or above

They are a one time use!

Scroll Vendor

Found in the Forbidden forest, the scroll vendor can sell you scrolls of different types for different prices, usually at the rate of 1 scroll per hour.

He also sells the "Teleportation Cube" for $800k, a magic item that teleports you somewhere random on the map.


Scroll Types

  • Scroll of Teleportation - $2500
  • Summon Steed Scroll - $6000
  • Greator Scroll of Teleportation - $7500
  • Scroll of Day - $10000
  • Scroll of Night - $20000
  • Scroll of Nuke - $25000