Lost Lands Redux (Minecraft Server) Wiki

Spawn can be reached with the command /spawn that should be available to all players. It is the place you start at when you join the server for the first time.


The Elytra Server Portal


The Elytra Server Portal is a portal that sends you to the Elytra Server when gone through. The same effect can be done with the command /server fly

Marketplace Path


On the marketplace path you will be able to encounter the Help Desk, Head Vendor, Vote Shop, Blacksmith, Auctionhouse, and Guild Director. Continuing on the path, you will be met with a portal to The Market. The command /warp market brings you to The Market as well.

Help Desk


How to Play Book

How to Claim Land Book

3 Steak

Scroll of Teleportation

Buy Price Per Item

10 15 25 200

Max Buy # Per Refresh

1 N/A 1 1

Vote Shop


Gemstone Bag

Spooky Pet Chest

Costume Chest

Pet Chest

Magic Chest

Present Chest

Spooky Chest

Buy Price (Vote Diamonds) Per Item

24 90 50 64 42 128 104

Max Buy # Per Refresh

N/a N/a

Enchanted Chest

Tech Chest

Vote Diamond Block

64 Vote Diamonds

Battledome Warp Scroll

Buy Price Per Item 96 Vote Diamonds 96 Vote Diamonds 64 Vote Diamonds 1 Vote Diamond Block 2 Vote Diamonds
Max Buy # Per Refresh 1 Unlimited Unlimited 1, 2*

Donor ranks can buy a second Battledome Warp Scroll



Unbreaking Sword

Unbreaking Axe

Unbreaking Pickaxe

Unbreaking Shovel

Unbreaking Hoe

Professional's Shears

Unbreaking Shield Gemstone Bag

Buy Price Per Item

650000 500000 750000 400000 250000 500000 850000 200000

Max Buy # Per Refresh

The Highwind Portal


Highwind is the server capital and has town warps for various Towns. The portal gives the same effect as using the command /warp Highwind

Magic Chest Caravan


The Magic Chest Caravan, also known as the Travelling Caravan, Wandering Caravan, Caravan Trader, and possibly more, is a place in spawn to buy Magic Chests, Costume Chests, and Pet Chests for in-game money. Since the Chests are sold in playershops, You can only buy as many as there are in the chest itself at any given time.


Magic Chest

Costume Chest

Pet Chest

Buy Price Per Item 400000 500000 700000

Daily Treasure


The Daily Treasure is a cave in which there is a chest you can loot in 24 hour intervals that contains a random amount of Money, Iron, Gold, Diamonds, Emeralds, and sometimes even Vote Diamonds.

Spawn Mage Crafter


The Spawn Mage Crafter, as well as other Mage Crafters, have the power to turn certain magic items to other magic items, this one can give Super Wheats, Ultra Wheats, and Rainbow Rimmed Top Hats

The Sailor


The Sailor can take you to certain Towns not reachable by the Highwind portals and the Steamboat Dungeon. However, that service comes at a price, even if small.