Lost Lands Redux (Minecraft Server) Wiki

Most of the server's magic items can be found inside of various chests, but there are other types of chests with other loot too!

Magic Chests

The "Main" Chest on the server, containing the most vast array of different Magic Items (over 60!)

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Enchanted Chests

The Enchanted Chest was added as a seasonal chest on the 20th of April with three new pets and over seventeen items. Later on more items were added to the enchanted chest with it's last update bringing the item count up to 30.

Costume Chests

Contains over a dozen different disguises (Which Turn you into a different mob) as well as just as many cosmetic items like top hats and cat hats!


Pet Chests

Contain one of over 20 different pets, many containing special effects when right clicked


Spooky Pet Chest

A chest added in late October 2020 that contains Halloween themed pets


Spooky Chest

Contains some exclusive magic items from our Halloween update as well as other items developed around that time.


Present Chest

Contains exclusive magic items from our Holiday/Winter update as well as other items developed around that time.


Tech Chest

Contains the newest magic items that have Awesome 3D Textures/Models


Gemstone Bag

It is sold by the Blacksmith at Spawn, and is obtainable through voting as well. The bag contains things like the Gem Extractor and various Gems for Saphire Tools