Lost Lands Redux (Minecraft Server) Wiki

Location: X = 1039 Z =-1076, with the nearest warp being /warp buildcomp

Difficulty: Iron Gear and up


To begin the dungeon, you must first take a quest by the same name from an NPC called Lostmon. The quest will have you kill Cursed Spiders until you anger the Spider Brutes, which are further down the path from the village. After getting the key from killing Spider Brutes, you will need to bring it back to Lostmon to enter the lair. Once you have entered the lair, you will go through a cave with cobwebs spun across the walls and ceiling before facing an Iron door which leads into the boss room. Fighting the boss will consist of the Spider Queen spawning minions and trying to swarm you.


There are refreshing chests in the village that may contain items such as Gold, Iron, Cobwebs, String, and sometimes Netherite or a Magic Chest. There will always be a little bit of money in the chests. Completing the dungeon gives you roughly the same items.