Lost Lands Redux (Minecraft Server) Wiki


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The Steampunk themed town seems normal at the surface but has a dark secret. Their own technologies have been turning against them. Their Mechs are corrupt and attacking people while the ground trembles... They aren't sure why, but there seems to be some Dark Force deep under the town, and its up to you to figure out what is causing the corruption!

This Dungeon includes custom models, animated textures and custom Mobs!

Mechmage's Dungeon

The Steamboat town contains two Dungeons. One of them is "Mechmage's Dungeon" where you have to fight through the corrupted technology to get to the head engineer and kill him to stop the production of mechs.

The Requirements for Mechmage's Dungeon are the Engineer's Key and 25 quest points. The key can be obtained from Killing the Corrupt Mage that spawns at the end of the Sewers.

Warlock's Raid

After completing Mechmage's Dungeon the Airship Pilot tell you that you must confront the source of corruption. The Warlock's Raid might be one of, if not the hardest, Dungeon there currently is. You will face the Warlock and his Minions. The Warlock will shoot and pull you while also throwing TNT at you. He will spawn sewer rats and Mad Mages which can curse you meaning you won't be able to use any Magic Items. 

The Requirements are one Corrupted Offering and having completed Mechmage's Dungeon at least once.


After purchasing a sail to the Steamboat Dungeon you will have to head along the pier and jump down into the water. There you will find a broken open sewage pipe in which you can go and dive down. In there you will have to fight your way past sewer rats and spitting sharks. There are cobwebs and iron bars to try and stop you from getting through the pipes, for an easier time you can use movement items like the Yeet Wheat, Magic Boat, Floating Nimbus, and more to help you through. Then, the pipe will break off and you will be faced with the Corrupt Mage, surrounded by a ring of water filled with Spitting Sharks. If you already have a key to one of the two paths to this dungeon, you can skip over the fight, but if you don't. You can defeat the Corrupt Mage for an Engineer's Key.