The market is the main hub that the servers economy is run through. Players can sell many different types of materials that they either farm, mine, hunt, etc. to different Vendors.

You can get to the market by following the covered path by the river in spawn with the hologram labeled "Market"


Vendors buy different materials from players, with each vendor having a theme of items that they purchace.

Each Material has a max limit you can sell to a vendor before they ship it off and you must wait another hour to sell more. This limit usually comes out to be around 10,000 - 30,000 an hour. To use this system to your advantage it is best to diversify the materials you are farming and selling, possibly selling overflow materials to other players.

Mining Vendor


Purchases mined resources

Farming Vendor


Purchases farmed goods

Butcher Vendor


Purchases various farm animal / fishing items

MobDrop Vendor

Purchases Different monster drops

Chef Vendor


Purchases baked goods and other foods

Potion Vendor


Purchases different brewed splash potions

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