List of commands and how to use them

/warp [Warp Name] (warps into an existing warp)

/msg [Player Name] (privately messages a player)

/r (reply to a player message)

/sethome [Home Name] (sets a home point)

/home [Home Name] (goes to the set home point)

/tpa [Player Name] (request a player to telport to therm)

/tpahere [Player Name] (request a player to teleport to you)

/tpaccept (to accept teleport request)

/tpdeny (to reject the tp request)

/pets (to open pet menu) -{pet feature is broken as of now}-

/spleef (to go into spleef) -{inventory must be empty to enter}-

/pay [Player Name] [Amount] (gives player your money) -{minimum money is 50.00}-

/ah (to open the auction menu)

/claimlist (to know where all of your claims)

/claimflag (to set a claimflag in claims)

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