Lost Lands Redux (Minecraft Server) Wiki

Warlock's Raid

The Warlock's Raid is the second Quest next to Mechmage's Dungeon in the Steamboat Dungeon. It is one of, if not the hardest Dungeons there is.

With 1337 hitpoints it has a lot of health and the fight will last for quite some time. This time isn't shortened by that fact that the warlock flies around the cave at high speed which makes it harder to hit.


HP : 1337

Damage (Fireblast?) : 20

Damage Lightning (rage mode only) : ?

Damage (???) : ?

Mob Type : Zombie / Undead

Armor Points : ?

Rage Mode

When the Warlock's HP go below 300 HP it will enter rage mode. In rage mode it will unlock another attack and attacks much faster. The new attack is lightning / smite which strikes the player with lightning and displays a message in chat "Eat Lightning"



Rage Mode

Mad Mage Summons

TNT Throw

Damage Lightning (in rage mode)



Use weapons that deal AOE damage like Pumpkin Launcher and Cluster Caster ss the Boss is flying fast making it very hard to be hit.